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Discover the #1 Hotel in Palm Springs

Historic Palm Springs

A Mid-Century Modern Retreat

Desert Riviera Hotel is an award winning mid-century modern style boutique hotel located in sunny Palm Springs, California. 

The hotel was built by Herbert W. Burns, one of the desert's first modernists. Burns was an admired architectural designer, known for his design of stylish homes and hotels after World War II. He partnered with Austin & Eva Spencer to build Desert Riviera Hotel, breaking ground in 1950 and opening in February of 1951.

Today, Desert Riviera Hotel welcomes guests from around the world, offering a range of amenities and well-appointed rooms while retaining its modernism charm. 

Why Choose The Desert Riviera Hotel? 

Suppose your employer offered you a week's vacation wherever you wanted to go: the Fiji Islands, Bora Bora, Tahiti, Thailand, Australia...What would you choose?Where would you go?

How about The Desert Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs? Really?

You bet...that's exactly what one couple from Michigan chose, and they couldn't be happier with their decision.Meet Terry and Karen Hare, repeat visitors to the well known, mid century modern, boutique hotel located at 610 East Palm Canyon Drive.

As a reward for 25 years of service, Terry's company gave him and his wife Karen Hare a week's vacation wherever they wanted to go.So why, out of all their vacation options, did they choose The Desert Riviera Hotel?

"Simple," Terry explained. "We wanted to go someplace beautiful, warm, and relaxing, where the people are friendly, the service is excellent, and there's always plenty to do and see. We find all that and more at the DRH in Palm Springs. We love the laid back, mid century modern vibe, Misty and Her Team take care of your every need. We love it here. Why would we go anywhere else?"

We agree!

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